Torsten Park

means moving more.

I inspire and help to realize – when it comes to energy transfer in your company or organisation. Because the right energy and the right focus can move mountains and is a guarantee for long lasting success.

As a professional tennis player I know how important it is to loosen up, but to never give up – even if you have to reach your limits or surpass them to make progress.

In this process of progress, I always meet my sparring partners at eye level and open up many new perspectives and solutions – with the support of the HBDI® model, the Whole Brain® Thinking approach, Emergenetics® and other highly effective concepts and methods that are interactive, involving and dynamic.

Because that is my mission: I move people – physically, mentally, emotionally. And in doing so, not only do I generate a lot of good energy, but I also create added value through experienced values.

Learning that pays off quickly – for your company, your organization, your employees. And at every level: because learning is earning. When do we harvest together?

When do we harvest together?


Anyone who wants to play at the top level of business in the long term needs the right techniques: For more than two decades I have been developing tailor-made workshops and training formats and anchoring the acquired knowledge in companies and organizations through train-the-trainer courses. Whether it is mindset change, change of processes, corporate culture, values, area-, organizational- and leadership development or coaching – I am your sparring partner at eye level. What would you like to play with me?

My coaching
and seminars are also available online – I’m happy to inform you!

My coaching
and seminars are also available online – I’m happy to inform you!

Developing leaders

Your future questions:

  • Do you have a consistent understanding of leadership?
  • Are you living agile leadership principles?
  • Do you invest enough time in leadership topics?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Developing and anchoring a common understanding of leadership
  • Generating enthusiasm for agile leadership and enabling its implementation
  • Developing strategic competence
  • Securing management basics

Building strong teams

Your Future questions:

  • Do you trust and support each other as a team?
  • Do you consistently follow common goals?
  • Do you see and utilize all the potential in your team?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Recognizing a common identity and making sense of it together
  • Acknowledging and consciously utilizing the diversity in teams
  • Creating a network to connect capabilities and transfer knowledge
  • Achieving team objectives together
  • Strengthening trust and confidence

Thinking out of your box

Your future questions:

  • Do you know your unique thinking and behavioural preferences?
  • Do you accept, respect and use all the different thinking styles?
  • Are you connecting different thinking styles and strengths and using them in the most effective way?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Self-reflection and self-realization
  • Recognizing uniqueness
  • Respecting and managing diversity
  • Promoting and implementing whole brain thinking
  • Establishing a common language and communication platform

Realizing top management performance

Your future questions:

  • Are you working on your company, or only in your company?
  • Are you developing your entrepreneurial personality?
  • Do you consistently limit your operative tasks and working hours?
  • Do you know the levers with which to overcome growth hurdles?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Strengthening your entrepreneurial personality
  • Sustainable development personally and within the company
  • Overcoming complex challenges
  • Creating a sense of purpose in the company
  • Enabling the courageous implementation of changes

Accelerating projects

Your future questions:

  • Are your projects stuck and do critical topics remain unsolved?
  • Are your meetings fruitless without making enough progress?
  • Have you already lost a lot of time and money on important projects?
  • Are you struggling with frustrated project team members and high expectations?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Setting up a logical approach to the project
  • Involving key stakeholders and sponsors
  • Promoting agile thinking and acting
  • Mastering complex challenges together
  • Achieving project milestones and goals 

Mastering crises and change

Your future questions:

  • Do you have a clearly defined master plan for your change and transformation projects?
  • Have you sufficiently addressed the hard and soft topics (mindset)?
  • Are you using customized change tools and methods? 

My contribution, your profit:

  • Increasing knowledge of dealing with crises and change
  • Effective crisis management and designing a change roadmap
  • Involving employees in the processes and empowering them to implement changes
  • Impactful crisis and change communication
  • Achieving the goals towards change

Realizing growth roadmap

Your future questions:

  • Have you developed an approved roadmap to the future?
  • Is your roadmap for growth known by all, does it inspire meaning and does it motivate?
  • Have you defined goals and milestones to realize your roadmap for growth?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Developing and anchoring a roadmap for future growth
  • Defining and tracking of milestones
  • Reviews to realise the roadmap to the future
  • Celebrating success 

Moving even further

Your future questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the quality of your trainings?
  • Do your employees put their learning into practice?
  • Do you address the skills that are important for a successful future?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Making decisions in difficult situations
  • Effective change and leadership communication
  • Solving conflicts instead of managing them
  • Work life blending and effective stress management
  • Focused and sustainable customer orientation
  • Tailor-made success training
  • Train-the-trainer to anchor and multiply knowledge in your organisation

Living the company culture & values

Your future questions:

  • Are your culture and values only “glued to the wall” or really lived?
  • Is the corporate culture reflected in the behaviour of all managers?
  • Are you proud of your corporate culture and values?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Designing a cultural change roadmap
  • Development and anchoring of values throughout the whole organisation
  • Mindset-Change through consistent Behaviour-Change
  • More motivation through corporate culture and values that are put into action
  • Tools and design formats for managers and leaders to facilitate sustainable implementation 

Energizing large scale events

Your future questions:

  • Do your events suffer from too little interaction and movement?
  • Are your participants overtired from too many presentations and information overload?
  • Do you utilize the knowledge and engagement of all participants?
  • Are you having doubts about how sustainable your major events are?

My contribution, your profit:

  • Involving formats that build strong networks
  • Involving all capabilities and releasing creative energy
  • Achieving challenging goals together
  • Strengthening collaboration
  • Establishing a culture of learning and change
Simplify processes –
keep the ball in play
Setting goals –
achieving goals
Set priorities –
focus on big points
Stay tuned –
recording is rewarding

My profile

Advantage Park.

The first principle of success is: flexibility.

As a former ATP tennis professional I have been on the move since I can remember – and I use this principle as a central element in my work as a consultant and coach. How?

Well: Not only do I bring fresh motion to companies and organisations and their procedures and processes, I also move people.

I enable them to move a lot on their own as well. The success rate speaks for itself. Because flexible people simply move more – professionally and personally.

For more than two decades, I have been developing tailor-made designs for renowned international clients using the methods of Whole Brain Thinking and Emergenetics®. My focus: the development of executives and teams. In doing so, I co-operate with a global network of senior consultants and experts.

I am looking forward working with you, to bring movement to your company!


  • More than 26 years experience in moving people in competitive sports and business

  • Workshops and coachings in English and German

  • ChallengeX Master Trainer

  • Certified Eigenland® Consultant

  • Inner Game Expert

  • Dipl. Trainer TAM-Trainer Akademie Munich

  • Certified experience-oriented management trainer – Dipl. Trainer TAM-Trainer Akademie Munich

  • Certified HBDI® & Emergenetics® Trainer & Consultant

  • Development of customized Whole Brain® Thinking and Emergenetics® applications & roadmaps for companies: leadership, team, strategy, change, sales, projects, conflict management, communication

  • Juggling professional

    My customers.

    For more than 20 years, I have been working successfully with managing directors and the senior management of renowned international companies to bring movement into their organizations.

    The result: Effective solutions and measurable performance from which long-standing, trusting customer partnerships have evolved.

    • Since our workshop, a jolt has gone through the team and we are implementing the workshop results. Everyone encourages everyone to tackle the challenges again and again. The surprise of conducting part of the workshop in English was very well received and reduced the fear in our daily business.

      Magnus Weinberger

      Teamleader Aprovis
    • New perspectives for thinking and acting on the company's playfield are enthusiastically communicated by Torsten Park with great motivation. He addresses the specific context of each individual and in his refreshing way provides clarity about the need for change – Torsten Park supports our management team in realizing business potential in complex situations.

      Jürgen Koneczny

      Head of Programme PATRIOT MBDA Deutschland GmbH
    • Torsten Park's expertise in the area of thinking preferences and team dynamics has given us many valuable impulses for our corporate development.

      Olaf Hartmann

      CEO Touchmore GmbH
    • Torsten masters the entire spectrum of challenges, from growth consulting to change management, to personal development, within a company. In doing so, he has retained the playfulness of the game. I know from colleagues and employees that they particularly appreciate his unconventional, playful approach, and that he allows them to gain trust in order to open up to work on their own leadership personality.

      Björn Frommer

      CEO Waldorf Frommer Rechtsanwälte
    • The workshops with Torsten Park are entertaining and diverse because of the different 'learning and teaching methods' used. Torsten challenges the participants to step out of their comfort zone which creates an easy atmosphere in the workshop that leads and helps people to open up. The trainings have taught us that whining does not help and that we have to work together as a team. Together we take on much more responsibility. By working with Torsten Park, we have established a common leadership language.

      Caroline Bouwman

      General Manager Werk Erlensee
    • The cooperation with Torsten Park is characterised by trust and directness, topics are approached clearly and sustainably. Through the coaching, the new management team was quickly adjusted to each other, challenges were defined, discussed and translated into immediate action. The new organisation immediately benefited from this.

      Dietmar Hauser

      CEO TÜV SÜD Business Services GmbH
    • Working with Torsten is very open, uncomplicated, positively challenging, and in everything he does, always with an important focus on the “real business need”. Torsten knows how to respond to the needs of the participants in a focused manner, not losing sight of the big picture and ultimately leading the group to a tangible result. I especially appreciate his courteous and inspiring manner, peppered with many examples from the world of sports.

      Lukas Schönwetter

      Head of Corporate Talent Management & Learning at Georg Fischer
    • I was able to experience the collaboration with Torsten Park from the role of both the organizer and the participant. Already during the conception of the in-house training, I had the feeling of a professional, cooperative partnership. As a participant, my first impression was not only confirmed, but exceeded. Torsten Park is a skilful trainer, a charismatic speaker and one always has the feeling that he guides and leads a group safely. I myself have been able to gain many new impulses for my work as a leader.

      Sebastian Distler

      Bolta Akademie
    • Torsten supported us during a critical time when we needed to change different parts of our organization and build them into something new. He was instrumental in the initial phase to help the individual groups to come together and bond as a new team and coached them to formulate their plans and new setup. Torsten did regular follow up sessions and provided coaching to individual leaders throughout the change process. With Torsten’s help we completed the change process ahead of plan and achieved organizational readiness early on, which helped to realize the financial and operational targets well ahead of plan while maintaining a high level of engagement throughout our organization.

      Tom Niederfeld Novartis Alcon

      Operational Lead Day-1-Readiness
    • Torsten Park guides us in the orientation of our company towards future challenges. In doing so, he moderates the development of the product portfolio and strategic competence development, the increase of business effectiveness and he supports us in value-oriented leadership. Especially his dynamic way of influencing teams – in combination with creative actions – helps us to go this way successfully.

      Peter Heilmeier

      Head of Sales & Business Development MBDA Deutschland GmbH
    • During the many years of our cooperation, Torsten Park has been very successful in tangibly developing our leadership qualities and our self-image of leadership raising it to a new level.
      Supported by the extremely professional use of the HBDI® model, we have learned a lot about our thinking preferences and their effects on collaboration and leadership in our company. I was impressed by his consistently level of high energy, his constant desire to empathize with the situations of our company and our leaders and trying to move us forward.

      Patrick Oeschger

      CEO OPO Oeschger AG
    • Working with Torsten over the past six years has been very positive, cooperative and supportive in adapting our business model. Torsten understands our business, our people and our culture – and ensures that all initiatives are aligned with our strategic goals and vision. With Torsten's support, we have built strong teams, greatly improved our collaboration and communication and developed tools that enable teams and leaders to respond faster to key challenges.

      Jonathan Abbis

      Managing Director Die Casting Bühler AG
    • Torsten has an extraordinary gift to hold the mirror up to a person, a team or a company without ever being hurtful and thus guiding the focus and energy to the right path. 
      With his warm, open and direct manner, he encourages teams in their development to peak performance. He gets to the heart of matters and “doesn't beat about the bush”.

      Katharina Schär

      HR Director IHAG Privatbank

      What do you want to move?


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